Full conversions to sump pump installation we cover it all.

Full Basement Conversions

From the first meeting we will take you through the planning and designing and then put your mind at ease by organizing everything else. We arrange everything to do with your project until completion, so that you have a very stress free build.



Membrane Tanking

Membrane tanking is a word used in the industry​ which refers to different methods that help keep a basement or underground structure waterproof.

Tanking is used to keep water away from places where the walls and floors meet, as these are weak spots made by a joint.

We use a waterproof membrane that is wrapped around the concrete which then encloses it in a waterproof tank.

The outer edges are protected from water by installing drainage pipes and surrounding the area with gravel. This helps carry water away from the cement and membrane.




This is a process used to strengthen the foundation of an existing building or structure. Underpinning is needed when the foundations simply are not strong enough or the purpose of the structure has changed.

We use the traditional method which is mass concrete underpinning. This method has been used for over 100 years and the way we do it now is the same as it was done all those years ago. This proves it is definitely a tried and tested way of doing it.

Mass concrete underpinning strengthens the existing structures foundations by digging boxes underneath and pouring concrete in a strategic order.



Sump Pump Installation

To install a sump pump we would first need to dig a pit 600mm by 600mm in the lowest part of your basement which will then house the sump and pump.

Once water starts filling the pump it will turn on and transport it away through pipes to a safe place outside of your property and away from your foundations.

We supply an alarm with the sump pump which will call up to 10 telephone numbers if the pump fails.

We use the Goliath Super pump which is a robust sump pump made of a stainless steel plate and fiber-reinforced plastic, resistant to corrosion.


Please contact us for prices as we have an average price for these to be installed.



Other Services Include


* Damp Proofing


* Wet Room Installation


* Extensions


* Kitchen and bathroom fitting


* Full House Renovations


* Bespoke Fitted Furniture


* Plumbing, Electrics, joinery


* We can even provide a decorating service for the new space we have created. 




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